And So It Begins.


Hey Everyone! I promise I am still alive over here, a break from blogging was exactly what I needed. Now I am back and ready to melt some of this stubborn weight off of my body. In the next couple of days I will pop in and share with you whats been going on in the last couple of months and what my plans for the next couple of months. Like the little logo above says I have decided to give Whole 30 a chance, with the hope that it kick starts my weight loss and helps push me onto a healthier path.

Over the next 30 days I will fill you guys in on my experience, what kind of meals I have been eating and just overall how I am feeling. I did my official weigh in yesterday, and was actually surprised to see that I was almost 5lbs down from my highest weight. With some hard work and persistence I should be able to keep the scale heading in the right direction. I have been following Rachel Wilkerson’s journey on the Whole 30 for the last month and she has totally inspired me to give it a try. I mean it is only for thirty days, I can manage that (I hope).

Here is to a healthy and productive month. I will be back tomorrow with more of an update on what exactly I am doing and how I plan to have a successful 30 days (and beyond).

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Small Change

Over the last 6 months I have been losing and regaining the same 15-20 pounds. It is super frustrating and has led me into driving myself crazy. Over the last month I have been really taking a look at my habits and patterns to see what I am doing wrong. I think I finally have it nailed down to what I am doing wrong.. I change all or nothing. I don’t have a happy medium and it takes a toll on myself. If I can’t be perfect I throw in the towel and we all know how well that works.

The cycle of eating perfectly for two weeks and then crashing is not doing my body any favours. I let all the small mistakes snowball into a week of poor choices that lead me to feeling sluggish and tired. Going forward I am going to focus on small steps. Making one or two changes a month will allow me to slowly lose the weight and create a foundation that will allow me to continue to be successful.

For the month of February I will be focusing on two changes that will help me make better choices and  get onto the path of success.


Change 1- No food that comes through your car window or that you can order by phone – Eating fast food is a trigger for me that leads to a string of poor choices. Limiting my options will help me avoid the bad behaviour and limit my junky food choices. If I want sushi/coffee/sandwich then I need to actually need to get out of my car and walk my ass into the building. It just isn’t going to happen as often.

Change 2 – Walking 30 minutes a day , four days a week –  I am definitely not active enough. I know that a good diet and physical activity go hand in hand but when I start moving more it makes it easier for me to make healthier choices.  Aiming to walk 4 times a week will be a good start to getting myself back in a normal cardio range and build up some confidence.


What kind of small changes do you make that lead to big rewards?

Rough Cycle

This week has been an absolutely frustrating weight loss week and mainly for reasons that I’ve done to myself.

I was upset the scale didn’t seem to be moving at all so I started to let unhealthy foods creep back into my life. Diet soda here, and extra piece of pizza, pie and refined white carbs. Just not what my body needs at all. At the end of the day these are all just excuses for my poor decisions.

Rather then let this poor food choice cycle continue I’m going to shake it off and keep pushing forward. Little choices add up to big rewards and I am eagerly anticipating the scale going back in the right direction.

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Accepting the Truth, Pushing Forward

Sometimes you need to accept who you are and where you are at.

I’m fat. I know it. I can look in the mirror and see it. I feel my cheeks flush and my breathe quicken at easy tasks. Seeing that I’m fat is the easy part.

For so long I have ignored the consequences of being overweight. I pretend that heart disease and stroke isn’t a possibility. I pretend that I’m not shortening my life and keeping myself from truly enjoying myself. It’s hard to admit when you need help. It seems almost impossible some days.

Taking the steps to get my blood pressure under control, making sure my cholesterol is under control and ensuring that I don’t become diabetic is important to me. I’m finally willing to admit that I need help. Do I want to be taking blood pressure medication at 24 years old? Well, no, but I also don’t want to have a heart attack. Today it’s a matter of sucking up my pride, admitting that I need help and getting on a healthy path that gets me there.

Losing the weight isn’t going to be easy. To tell you the truth though, being overweight isn’t all that easy either. I’m making a commitment to fight for my body and my health. Some days are going to suck, some days are going to be awesome. I want to push my body and find out what I’m actually capable of. There isn’t any more time for the what ifs. It starts now.

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Random Thoughts & Mind Dumping

Getting back into fitness and healthy eating is hard. Anyone who has weight to lose, has wanted to tone up or just committed to a gym plan knows this. There is so much advice and information available that I often feel overloaded. I go from being vegan, to low carb to everything in moderation and back to vegan. A little stability and routine would be nice. The other day my friend Natasha was telling me about a book she received as a gift called Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. Normally I try to stay away from “diets” but I ended up downloading the book to my Kindle right away and finished reading it in one night!

Bob’s rules are fairly simple to follow and for the most part seem pretty like pretty good weight loss advice. We all know that we should be limiting refined carbs, making sure to drink enough water and get an adequate amount of sleep. I don’t want to list out all the rules but if you want to check it out the book is really affordable and a pretty good read. I think even if you bought it just for the recipes you it would still be a good investment.

So how did my first day of following his “skinny rules” go? It was good but not great. I like how the book encourages frequent eating and healthy snacks. It really is important to keep your body running on healthy food. The emphasis on cutting back processed ingredients is awesome. I found myself eating whole foods for breakfast, snacks and lunch. Things went downhill towards the end of the night. My plans changed and rather than going home and cooking a meal for dinner I decided to go out to a movie with a friend (Django Unchained – TOTALLY AWESOME) and skipped dinner. Who the hell am I? I never skip a meal. I figured it was better for me to not eat then to eat a fast food meal. I honestly still don’t know what the right choice for me to do would have been. In actuality I probably should have ended up getting a chicken wrap with no sauce, at least it would have been something to tie me over until I got home. The movie ended really late so I ended up just drinking some water and heading to bed.

I wish I could say I was more planned today. A late night meant a rushed morning and the only thing I brought with me to school today was a damn apple. School from 11:30 to 9:00pm with only an apple is not a good health choice. I ended up buying a salad for one of my breaks in between class but I really need to get better at planning my school days. If I am at work or at home it isn’t a problem for me to plan meals and pack but as soon as it comes to carting around a days worth of food with me at school I just don’t want to do it.

Now that you guys have listened to all my excuses, do you have any tips? How do you plan a busy day? Any healthy lunch options that don’t rely on packing around every Tupperware container I own. Maybe I should just suck it up and do it. My health is worth more than the inconvenience of packing food with me to school.


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New Years Resolutions/Goals 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I loved having time off to spend at home and rest after last semester. A new year always brings about new goals and this year I have a couple. Resolutions can seem cliche but they really help to keep me focused. I picked a few specific goals and a few broader ones. I am really excited to see what this year has in store!

– Run a half marathon (Entry fee paid for for the Edmonton Derby Half on August 18th).

– Lose weight (My goal for the year is 100 lbs. I want to be consistent and try and focus on the big picture)

– Be mindful of my spending habits (I am continuing to pay off debt and try to build my savings account. I am going to continue to limit impulse spending)

– I am going to try and find the positive in situations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when things get stressful but hopefully keeping focused on the positive will help.

– I want to maintain a plant based diet. My body feels better when I fill it with fresh produce and healthy grains. I know that I feel groggy and weighed down when I eat to much meat and dairy so I’m going to focus on plants and help my body feel great! [EDIT – I have thought this one out a bit more and have decided that I want to achieve an 80/20 plant based diets. Limiting my meat intake will be a huge step in helping to achieve my healthier body]

– Relationships – 2012 was an up and down year for me romantically. One big relationship ended and then I ended up going on a lot of fun dates. Going into 2013 I want to have a better relationship with myself and let whatever happens romantically just happen. I won’t waste any time on men I know aren’t compatible with me or willing to commit.

– I want to read a book a month. With school I tend to avoid reading because I do so much mandatory reading. I miss enjoying a good book so I want to try and read one book a month for fun.

Do you make resolutions for the new year?

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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday and enjoying the holidays! I will be back in the new year!


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